Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Preschool report: August

This month has been really busy, so we didn't do as much preschool as I would have liked. This month was the joy of imagination and creativity, so it's a bit of a bummer that we didn't have more fun with it, especially since Helen loves to create things. However, we did have some fun with it.

We did lots of drawing and some painting, including painting with sponges. Helen has started drawing people that look like heads with legs and arms stuck on. She even has faces on them. Her favorite thing is to draw the people riding horses. A horse looks like a couple of circles with a stick neck and a couple of legs. It's pretty cool. :)

We also made some salt dough beads. Helen shaped and painted most of them herself, and she had so much fun with it. She had to have some help stringing them onto a thread since we made the holes a little too small.

Helen also helped me make an apple cake and a cherry pie. She had a lot of fun with the cherry pie, which she asked to make. I let her cut some stars out of the top crust. I figure that cooking is a creative thing, so I thought it worked well.

I also came up with way to teach numbers to the kids. I used a baby food jar, and I put slips of paper with ideas like read number books, count fingers, play with Montessori rods (which I made), etc. When want to learn numbers, we just pull out the jar and draw a slip of paper or two to see what to do. It seems to work for us.

Here is a clay dough creation that Helen made of herself.
She even added a ponytail. :)

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