Monday, February 2, 2015

My educational philosphy

I have been reading a lot of books about educating children the last couple of years, and I feel that I have come up with my own “philosophy of education.” It may change with time, but I’ve written a list of things I want my children to know about learning. I want these things to guide what I do with my children. Here is the list below:
·       The Holy Ghost is the real teacher, so you can learn anything, anywhere, from anyone, if you have the Spirit with you.
·       The gospel of Jesus Christ is the most important thing a child should know.
·       There is a balance between book learning and experiential learning, and both should complement the other.
·       A child should be developed as an individual, taught to be independent-minded, to take a stand for what’s right, to be a leader and to take initiative.
·       A child should also be taught a Zion mindset, that we should take responsibility for helping others.
·       We learn so that we can be a power for good in the world. We learn so that we can serve others and contribute to society as God’s leader/servant.
·       A child should know that all truth, since it comes from God, is consistent with His existence. Man’s knowledge only extends so far, so sometimes we don’t see the whole picture, and the part we do see may not appear congruent with our faith. But if something is truth, in the end it will always lead us to more fully believe in God. We just have to be patient.
·       Faith as a principle of power and obedience to God’s eternal law are two of the most important tools we have for learning.
·       All truth, all beauty and all goodness come from God, and all evil comes from a lack thereof.
What are some things you have learned about learning, and that are important for your children to know? Please comment and share.

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